Kevin Bruneau – President & Auctioneer

Kevin Bruneau is an antiques aficionado having professionally been involved with antiques since 1992. Being a staple character in the east coast antiques circuit, Kevin originally owned and operated two antique stores from 1992 to 2002. He than elevated his business practice having co-owned and managed a regional auction house between 2002 and 2008. During this period of time, he had also co-owned and managed an upscale consignment shop from 2005 to 2007. After the sale of the auction house in December of 2008, Kevin returned to his 1998 roots of selling on eBay becoming the antique powerhouse known as “bkcranston”. He successfully orchestrated weekly online sales only offering the finest selection of antiques and Asian arts. In 2011, Kevin began his cross country antiquing tour having been a co-star of the hit PBS series Market Warriors.
Present day, Kevin continues to travel countless miles every week all across the map pursuing antiques for his ever changing inventory continually amassing a stellar network of dealers, appraisers, and auctioneers to better serve his clientele. Kevin’s vast experience is what makes Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers Rhode Island’s premier auction gallery.

Ashle Tortolani – Operations Manager

Ashle is the operations manager at Bruneau & Co.  She has worked alongside Kevin in numerous antique ventures for over a decade.  Ashle oversees the entire operations in both the gallery and office.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Financial Service Management from Johnson & Wales University.

Travis Landry – Specialist & Auctioneer

Travis is a Pop Culture expert, antique specialist and auctioneer.  Travis oversees the intake, research and cataloging of antiques while also being the Toy Director for Bruneau & Co Auctioneers and Rhode Island Comic Con.  His specialties include American and Japanese toys (post 1950), comics and decorative arts.  Travis is a fan favorite guest at comic conventions across the country having been a reoccurring cast member on Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter and producer for numerous RIPBS antique programs.  He is currently at Framingham State University obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Art History.  Travis will also be a Season 22 appraiser for PBS’s Antiques Roadshow in the collectible category.

Mary-Evelyn Christy – Auction Catalog Assistant

Mary- Evelyn is an auction catalog assistant.  She assists in all aspects of the auction process including research, cataloging, and photography.  She holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Archaeology and Geology from Hofstra University.

Steven Paradiso – Gallery Operations

Steven is the Gallery Operations manager. He is in charge of daily inventory management and exhibition displays.  Steven also oversees acquisitions and distributions of personal property.

Nancy Thomas/ Tapestry Communications – Marketing & Press

Nancy Thomas is the president of Tapestry Communications.  A recognized writer, public relations and management professional, she lends her expertise, knowledge and contacts within the RI community and beyond – for yoursuccess.  She personally selects and coordinates members of  our team who will work on our projects and campaigns.

Kyle S Landry, Ph.D. – Director of IT and Specialist

Kyle is the director of IT and house specialist focusing on various novelties ranging from arcade machines to scientific equipment.  Kyle is responsible for promoting and monitoring online bidding on seven different online platforms.  When away from the gallery, Kyle is a scientific research fellow at Harvard Medical School and a junior faculty member in the department of health sciences at Boston University.

Jared Wickham – Manager of IT and Specialist

Jared is the manager of IT and house specialist focusing on 1980s/1990s American toys and vintage video games.  Jared is responsible for monitoring the online bidding during the auction from a wide variety of Internet- based platforms.  When not buying, selling and collecting toys, Jared is a Special Education Administrator for the Everett Public School system in Newton, MA.


Auction Day Reception