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Automobilia – What’s HOT in Collectible Cars?

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Blog Post

Within the antique and auction world, one of the largest collecting communities has always been Automobilia. “Automobilia”, for those who do not know, refers to cars, trucks, and everything that relates to them. Numerous times a year auctions like Barrett-Jackson and Meecum showcase $200,000 Corvettes and $100,000 Mustangs on television having everybody looking for the next barn find. As with all cars and realistically every collectible, markets are cyclical and values heavily change within short amounts of time, and muscle cars already hit their peak. For auto enthusiasts looking to collect in tandem with a wise investment, the vintage Japanese car market is here for you.

What if right now you could buy a triple black all “original numbers” matching 1970 Plymouth Cuda for $10,000… or even $50,000? You would be a fool if you didn’t buy ten. The point is extremely rare high optioned Japanese cars are just beginning to become part of the automobilia collector world. They are beyond the point of high school teenagers modifying them with cold air intakes and pineapple exhausts, but that is exactly why they are collectible. Just how kids of the 70s and 80s drove GTOs, Mustangs, and 442s dressed up with Cragars, window louvers, and a loud exhaust, it was fun in 2005 to put rims on your 1997 Acura Integra Type R. In 2005 the Type R would have sat on any used car lot between $4,000 and $7,000 depending on mileage and condition. Today, only twelve years later, an average example can’t be touched for under $18,000. Find one completely stock with 40,000 miles or less and its $25,000 or more. That is a considerable amount of appreciation for a car in a little over a decade, compared to what a 1968 Camaro would have been worth in 1980.

When looking at the Japanese car market, the best and top cars within the class seem shockingly expensive (used car mentality), but in actuality it is still only the beginning. In my opinion, the 1997 Toyota Supra 15th Anniversary Twin Turbo is the triple black Cuda of Japanese cars. In 2005, a ’97 Supra twin turbo could have easily been purchased for under $25,000 when in 1997 its MSRP was $40,000. By 2014 the secondhand price was par with its original MSRP with stock examples few and far in between. Present day you can’t touch one for under $60,000, and the next one always sells for more than what came before it. Not that I have a crystal ball to see the future but the ’97 Supra is on its way to being a six figure collector car in the very near future. Beyond the Supra the world of Japanese cars is endless with a car suited for every collector. If you ever wanted to drive a 300ZX, WRX, Evolution, or 3000GT now is the time to buy, don’t wait for everyone to hop on the bandwagon. Buy now – and make money in the future.